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  1. Only four (4) guests will be permitted per household (Please note that this is subject to change).
  2. No free guests will be permitted. All guests will be required to use a pass purchased in advance. You will be required to use one pass per guest on the weekdays, weekends and holidays. Children four (4) years old and under will be admitted free.
  3. Guests may enter, leave and re-enter on the same guest pass ONLY if re-entry is on the same day and must always be accompanied by a Clifton Mill owner/resident.
  4. Pool rules will be strictly enforced and must be adhered to by residents and guests alike.


  1. Guest passes must be purchased from the Association Manager, (BPS), and are available by mail ONLY. Payments must be by check only, made payable to Clifton Mill Community Association.
  2. Passes will be sold at $25.00 per pass — 10 guest entries per pass. The passes do not expire until all 10 guest entries have been used.
  3. A completed guest pass request form (the top portion of this page) along with your check in the amount of $25.00 per guest pass (10 entries per pass) should be mailed to:

Clifton Mill Community Association
C/O Burlington Property Services
6 Terri Lane, Suite 300
Burlington, NJ 08016

NOTE: Please allow 5-7 business days for the guest passes to be mailed back to you. If you do NOT receive your passes within 7-10 business days, please contact our office as it should NEVER take longer than this. If your dues and/or any fines are not current, your passes will not be accepted for entry to the pool area and therefore your guests will also be denied entry. The pool attendant(s) cannot accept payments, nor will they allow you to enter the pool. You must contact the office on the next business day.