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Pool Information

Everything you need to have fun and relax at the pool this summer.
The Pool is currently closed for the season. 



Pool Application




All pool information, forms, and pool rules can be found here on your Clifton Mill community website, please complete your registration and submit it online to request your current year’s stickers.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All pool/guest pass applications MUST be received by Burlington Property Services no later than May 19, 2023, if you would like your passes for the Pool opening day, May 27th.

Current year stickers will be provided to current residents, in good standing, as listed on their census of record, that submit or complete and return an application. If you have had changes in your family size, vehicles, or emergency contact, please visit your community tab from the home page to update your census online.

If you have submitted an application and photo(s) in a previous year, your membership ID card(s) was returned to you and is your responsibility.

For new members, submit an application and required photo(s), and your membership ID cards will be mailed to you.

Lost or misplaced Membership ID cards are subject to a $5.00 replacement charge. Please check the appropriate spot on your registration indicating such and upload a new picture identified by naming the file the name of the person in the photo.



  1. Only four (4) guests will be permitted per household (Please note that this is subject to change).
  1. No free guests will be permitted. All guests will be required to use a pass purchased in advance. You will be required to use one pass per guest on all weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Children (4) four years old and under will be admitted free and they do not require a pass. 
  1. Guest Passes must be purchased from the Association Manager (BPS) via online guest form submission and payment or by printing a guest pass form and mailing it along with your check made payable to Clifton Mill Community HOA. Anyone NOT listed on your annual census as residing at your residence should be considered a guest.
  1. Passes will be sold at $25.00 per pass – 10 entries into the pool per pass.
  • Passes are sent by Mail ONLY, NO office pick up will be available
  • If submitting by mail, please mail forms and payments to:
    • Clifton Mill Community HOA
    • C/O Burlington Property Services
    • Attn: Caroline
    • 6 Terri Lane, Suite 300
    • Burlington, NJ 08016

***NOTE: Please allow time for Passes to be mailed back to you, 7-10 days on average. We at BPS strive for next-day turnaround whenever possible. If you have not received your passes back within 7-10 days, please contact Caroline at the management office at 609-694-5444 as it will NEVER take longer than this.

If your dues and/or violations-fines are not current, your passes cannot be issued and/or accepted for entry into the pool area. The Pool attendant(s) cannot accept payment, nor will they allow you to entire the pool. You must contact the management office on the next business day.

Guest Passes

Guest Passes can be purchased from the link above. Guest Passes are $25 each and are good for ten visits.

Photo ID

Upon entering the gate you will be asked to show your PHOTO ID with the current year sticker applied to it. All residents MUST REPORT to the attendant desk to sign in.

Follow Directions

For your safety, please follow all instructions as provided by the pool attendant(s). Obey the pool safety guidelines as outlined in your “pool rules.”

Proper Attire

Proper swim attire must be worn at all times within the pool and pool area! Street clothes are not permitted!!

Pool Rules

Pool Rules may be updated from time to time to reflect any new rules and regulations that are added each year. Make sure you have the most recent year’s pool rules. A copy can be downloaded below.

Pool Season 2023 Information

Pool Season 2023 Information

DATES OF SERVICE— Weather Permitting (Dates subject to Change — any changes/notices will be posted on Pool Gate)   FIRST DAY POOL OPENS: Saturday, May 27, 2023 Weekends Only: May 27 & 28. Holiday May 29. June 3 & 4, 10 & 11, 17 & 18, 2023 Every Day:...

2023 Pool Rules and Regulations

2023 Pool Rules and Regulations

  March 24, 2023     CLIFTON MILL COMMUNITY POOL RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE 2023 POOL SEASON     The Pool Manager and pool attendant are responsible for the safety and sanitary operation of the pool and grounds, general conduct of members, and have complete...



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