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Clifton Mills Weather Delay Schedule  

Dear Residents: 

The parking lots and roadway schedule has been delayed due to weather. Should weather cause any further cancellation of work for any day(s), this schedule will remain the same and the canceled day will be rescheduled. The specific Day and Date will be posted on the notice 48-72 hours prior to the project commencing. 

Wednesday May 15th was delayed due to weather.

Thursday May 16th  was delayed due to weather.

Friday May 17th(Day 3)

Rejuvenate (Walking Path)

Monday May 20th(Day 4)

Rejuvenate (Red) (Dorset Ct, Andover Ct, Farmington Ct)

Tuesday May 21st (Day 5)

Stripe(Red) (Dorset Ct, Andover Ct, Farmington Ct)

Rejuvenate (Green) (Oxford Ct, Barclay Ct & Pool Lot)

Wednesday May 22nd 

Stripe (Green) (Oxford Ct ,Barclay Ct & Pool Lot)

Stripe (Blue) (Wyndham Ct, Paddock Ct, Tennis ct parking)

There will be NO traffic of any kind either by foot or vehicle on the sealed roadways until the cones and caution tape are removed. Please walk on the grass between resident’s homes. Be respectful of everyone’s property while walking through the community as this is only for a short period of time while the work is being performed. 

When your roadway is completed, you will not be able to drive on it until the contractor has removed all barricades, cones and/or caution tape. (approximately between 12-18hrs). Please plan for alterative parking. 

All vehicles must be removed from the roadways / parking stalls no later than 7:00 a.m. on the start date of each section. Any vehicles improperly parked on your scheduled day will cause the vehicle to be towed at the owner’s expense. It will be relocated to another road in the community where it will not impede the progress of work. 

We know that this will be a major inconvenience to everyone in the community. We ask for your cooperation and assistance in making sure that you and your neighbors clearly understand what is required and follow the procedure. Please have your vehicles moved by 7am on your scheduled day. We would like to truly thank you for your anticipated cooperation during this project. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact your Property Manager.