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A message from your ACO

We have been seeing a lot more Fox in our area, this year especially! To deter them from your yard, be sure to pick up any garden scraps, bird seed, cat food and keep your composting areas secure.

Residents should not be alarmed if they see Fox out during the day. It is baby season and Mom/Dad and Kits are likely to be seen hunting/playing and lounging around during the day. Families that are living in your yard, under your deck/shed will disperse by August (see attached link for more information). When to be concerned: If you see a Fox that is injured, circling, lying flat on its side, showing signs of severe hair loss (Mange: will eventually kill a fox, but it is very treatable once captured). Please contact the ACO office with any questions or concerns. 609-298-4300 x2126

~ACO Bencivengo