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TO: All Homeowners/Tenants                                              

You recently received a letter from your Township regarding the new Trash Receptacle you will need to use and the New Trash Pick-Up System that will be in effect beginning the week of February 17, 2020. This new trash receptacle is the same size as your current recycle bin. Clifton Mill Community is Zone 2, see below for Garbage, Bulk and Recycling dates below. The entire mailing and schedule can be found on your community website www.cliftonmill.org . THIS IS A TOWNSHIP DECISION, NOT AN HOA OR PROPERTY MGMT DECISION, please address any questions to the Public Works Dept at 609-291-2133.


 PLEASE NOTE: You are still required to follow you HOA’s Rules and Regulations regarding garbage and recycling cans. Page 3, section 5 can be found below for your reference. THERE WILL BE A GRACE PERIOD ON VIOLATIONS WHILE CANS ARE BEING DISTRIBUTED AND EXCHANGED.