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Starting Monday, February 17, Bordentown Township will begin a new trash pick-up process and schedule. During the week of February 10, Bordentown Township will deliver to all residents one new garbage receptacle. Unless otherwise requested, residents will receive one 95-gallon  receptacle. This is the same size container as your current recycling bin. At this time, and on a one-time-only basis, the Township will pick up and dispose of any other  garbage can or receptacle that residents may want to discard. No loose garbage bags or trash in other receptacles will be picked up with the new process.
The new receptacles are made for articulated pick-up by our new garbage contractor, Central Jersey Waste Services. The trucks will be labeled Solterra Recycling. Articulated pick-up is handled in the same fashion as County recycling.
Articulated pick-up has many benefits, including cleaner pick-ups, more efficient service, and lower labor costs. Many
municipalities are transitioning to articulated services from the rear-loaded, manual pick-up method.
The Township is purchasing one new receptacle for each residence. Residents may purchase additional receptacles for the cost of $100/year, which covers the can itself plus the additional tipping fees  associated with extra garbage. Additional cans may be ordered at Town Hall in the Clerk’s Office, and will be delivered to your home by our Public Works Department.
Please note that currently, the Township asks that garbage be placed in containers not exceeding 30 gallons, or 15 lbs. The new receptacles can accommodate over three times of the existing receptacle capacity.
Please place the new garbage cans at the curb at least three feet away from parked vehicles, mailboxes, your recycling can, and any other items to allow for safe pick-up by the new trucks.
Reminder: Please do not put brush (trees or branches, leaves, stumps, treated wood, ornamental grass) in your weekly garbage pick-up. The Township picks up certain brush piles at scheduled times only.
Please do not include bulk items or white goods in your weekly garbage pick-up. See schedule on reverse side for your bulk pick-up days.
The Township still operates the Recycling Facility at 266 Crosswicks Road.
Refer to the Township’s website: bordentowntownship.com/public_works for additional information.
If you have any questions about this new procedure, please call the Township’s Department of Public Works at 609-291-2133.
There will be some additional changes to the trash and bulk pick-up schedule as a result of the new process. Please pay close attention to the new schedule, which will go into effect on Monday, February 17, 2020.